Team CDT are leaders in Hire and Sales of specialized Cold room and Freezer room containers.

We have Standard units that can be set from -25 degrees C to +15 degrees C or we can custom build the unit to fit your requirements. Our clients have asked us to make freezer rooms for a wide range of applications ranging from holding rooms for frozen products, to blast freezers capable of freezing 2 tonnes of product every 8 hours.

Combination units can be made for a wide variety of uses. An example is a unit with one half being a Fridge / Freezer and the other half a selling point for example a butchery application.

Reefer Units Are

  • On a steel chassis making them fully portable in standard sizes of 6m or 12m long by 2.4 wide.
  • Built on site with a concrete foundation for a more permanent application.
  • Laid level on sleepers for a temporary application.
  • Units run off 3-phase electrical supply or generator power supply.

NB. All our rental units are fully maintained and repaired at our expense by trained technicians 24 hours a day.